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We are both professional, licensed tour guides with a wide range of experience behind us. We are both extremely passionate about the history and cultural heritage of our capital and our country. Each of our tours and projects is preceeded by a thorough preparation, thus we are able to maintain a constant high quality and devoted attention towards our guests. We both are outgoing, extroverted, energetic personalities and easily connect with people of all age groups and with different cultural backgrounds. We have both studied art history at university and we constantly keep up the study and research of our urban and cultural history.

Apart from all the above qualities that enable us to create a special service for our guests, we also put a strong emphasis on flexibility. Following a previous exchange of information with our guests, by the time we meet we have already got an idea about their personality, about their interest, hobbies and occupation. At this point we start the careful preparation of the required product or as we call it a “personal package”. This very important phase is already interactive and it is a first step towards establishing a real connection between the guest and us. We make a strong point on doing the tours ourselves thus remaining in full control guaranteeing the quality and the nature of our programmes.

On all of our tours we pick up our guests at the hotel or wherever they stay and from the first moment we treat them as a close acquintance and try to make them feel at home.

Even if it is a classical type of walking tour including the main sights of the city we show them  those aspects and places that add a special flavour and make them feel as an insider. What makes the package even more customized is that the whole content (the route, the stops included, etc.) may be modified during the tour as well upon request. All of our tours include at least one drink that gives us a chance to sit down in a cosy café and engage in a friendly conversation getting to know each other a little more. Once we finish the tour we drop off our guests at the requested spot.